Moroccan Oil

There was a time when the only ones who knew of the argan’s oil properties were those in its native Morocco and Algir. Nowadays, even those who are not into traditional or natural medicine know what argan oil is. Or perhaps they know it as ‘Moroccan Oil’. That is also a possibility. For the longest time, argan oil was distributed (with varying degrees of purity) as a hair tonic sort of thing.

Argan’s popularity is growing, and it is going past the ‘trend’ phase. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I love healthy trends, providing they are not simply a marketing trick by some company looking to take advantage of a situation. See Honeydew Products


The UN has placed the argan tree on its list of protected trees. This was done to ensure the survival and proliferation of the argan trees in Morocco and Algir. This tree is named the tree of life by the ones who come in contact with it every day, since it is used as a means for employment, as a food, as a medicine, and as a beauty product. Preserving and safekeeping the argan tree is imperative.


The argan tree produces nuts which are rich in vitamins and healthy fatty acids. These nuts produce an oil which is beneficial for the skin, hair, and the body in general. Its properties are still being analyzed and studied, and there are no conclusive evidence quite yet. But all of the studies are showing the same things which mankind has known for many generations: that argan and its oil can be very beneficial when used properly, and in moderation. This remains true whether it is as a food, a medicine, or a beauty product.


If you have any hair and scalp condition, there is a good chance that a certain amount of argan can help balance out those pH levels, and remedy your situation. Argan oil shampoos and conditioners are gaining in popularity for this specific reason, and there was a time when this oil was known as an one meant primarily for hair. That is how I got to know it, personally.


There are no guidelines other than caution. All essential oils are potent and powerful. Use in moderation, dilute properly, and apply common sense. If you plan on using it long-term in some way, consult with your physician. Essential oils are not to be used by children and by nursing or expecting women. Other than that, anyone can be taking advantage (and I mean that in the best possible way) of the earth’s gifts. The plant kingdom is simply amazing, and I love having it as a part of my everyday life. And I am not holding my breath on various studies. Scientific studies can be swayed in several directions, which is why I take all of those trials and their results with a pinch of realistic appreciation. I don’t need a study to show me that argan oil has strengthened my hair, and has made it thicker and more manageable. Would you?

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