Coloring Hair

I love coloring my hair. It helps me keep a special uniqueness about my look that I really hold close to who I am as a person. The problem is keeping up on all the hair treatments. After a few weeks my hair will start to fade or my roots will start to show. There are a lot of DIY hair serum idea online, I have tried a few. My favorite one is adding a bit of my hair dye to my conditioner. This really helps to keep my color looking fresh. Especially because I love to dye my hair crazy colors. Pink, blue, and green are some of my favorites to rotate through. The problem is these colors only look good when they are vibrant and bright. All I do to keep it looking fresh my DIY hair serum, adding a bit of dye to my shampoo or conditioner. I will do this once a week, or a couple times a week if the color looks like it needs it.

I got my hair coloring idea from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the world. His girl friend in the movie changes her hair color frequently. Her hair always looked so bright and beautiful. I wonder what was her DIY hair serum solution. She never says in the movie. She may not have needed one since they lived in a cold place so her hair didn’t get much sun. Sun tends to suck the color out of dyed hair. She also got her hair dyed several time during the film. This leads me to believe she might not have needed any help because she was getting her hair professionally treated so often. If you get your hair dyed all the time your hair color will always look fresh and bright. If you properly take care of your hair the color should last at least a few weeks. Especially if you add in a DIY hair serum into your hair care routine. Having a hair care routine should be one of your priorities if you spend money to her your hair professionally done.

If you are spending money on your hair you should take care of it. Otherwise you are just wasting your money. You work hard for your money, don’t waste it by letting it go down the drain by not taking care of your treated hair. If you are trying to get a boyfriend having bright hair may be a way to attract a guy. Setting yourself apart from all the basic chicks out there. With there boring colored hair or dyed hair that has faded. Just like in nature birds with the most colorful feathers always find mates. In the human world the ones who stand out will find someone. Being basic and looking like everyone else won’t get you a boyfriend. So if you get your hair colored you should do your best to keep the color as long as possible. Doing your best to keep your hair color should include a DIY hair serum. It is cheaper than color treatments you would buy at a store and it is designed just for you.

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