Bath Bombs Need I Say Anymore

Whenever I have a bad day – and I do sometimes, like all of us – I love it when I can come home, and get into a bath. This is not something which I can normally do, and certainly not a regular basis. But, if it does need to happen, it needs to happen. I text my hubby, I tell him to expect it, and he – bless him – does everything in his power to help me out. He takes care of the kids while I am in there, and he makes sure that nobody disturbs my ‘me’ time. He knows that if I say I need, chances are that I need it, and that if I do not get it, I will not be a good mom that evening. I tell my kids the same thing I would tell anyone: if you want me to be a better me, a happier me, an easier me – then give me my time to be me in the bath. Honeydew has amazing products, check them out and get yourself a free sample.

I use a lavender and ylang-ylang bath bomb, and it is something I have been using for some time. It started off as a free sample which I got online from one of those companies who are looking to expand their base of clients. I made sure that the product they were sending me was cruelty free, vegan, and that it wasn’t made in some godforsaken place with horrible standards, and I went for it. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made online!

When I got the bath bomb, I wrote a review for it. And I actually was very happy with it, and I decided to order more of it. I had to pay for it this time around, but I was happy with it and the price wasn’t at all astronomical. This is an advantage for consumers. Find a company which is starting out and has competitive prices, and you will be able to get things for a cheap price or sometimes for free. And there are times when the product samples are regular sized products, and that is awesome. They simply give it away, and all they ask in return is your review of it, which I am more often than not happy to give. If I get sent a godawful product, I simply tell them I did not enjoy it, and that because of that I won’t be writing or recording a review. No need to drive down their sales with my negative review. Shopnatures design is a great company with some amazing products, check them out on facebook to learn more.

I understand full well that since we are dealing with natural products, they will not affect everyone in exactly the same way. This means that what did not work for me, will not necessarily not work for another. And I do want this company and other like it to succeed, which is why I am counting on others to provide negative feedback if the product warrants it.

The internet is full of people just looking for things to complain about, you know?

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